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Who We Are

Thamel Shop – authentic arts, crafts and fashion from Thamel, Nepal

We have always been passionate about the authenticity and uniqueness of the items that the streets of Thamel behold. Thamel Shop, was started in the December of 2016, with the intent of introducing rich Nepalese history, culture and artistry in Australia through few items and collectibles that we could afford at that moment.

What/who/Where is Thamel you ask???
Thamel is a vibrant little suburb in Kathmandu, Nepal better known as the “backpackers paradise”. Everything about Thamel is so chaotic and fuzzy yet addictive and interesting at the same time.

Nepal, as such, is a diverse country with its crazy manifolds in every way, be it its landscape, traditions, community or food. The only place that comes even a bit close to communicating the story of the entire country and its divinity is Thamel.

So here we go, a couple of friends in our mid-twenties, trying to convey to the world, the environment and the ambiance that revolves in and around Thamel through these handpicked collectibles that we’ve poured our hearts and souls into. We’ve been travelling to Nepal as often as we can to gather our items through artists and to make sure their lives are better supported with our small business here in Australia.

We have been holding market stalls on a regular basis and dealing online through social media. The amount of warmth and appreciation these handmade items received were so overwhelming that we decided to go online through our website from Nepali New Year 2075/ April 14th 2018.