5 Things to Remember When You Want to Buy Ganesh Statue for Home

5 Things to Remember When You Want to Buy Ganesh Statue for Home

One of the most important deities in Hindu culture, Ganesh is the god of prosperity, good luck and success. Keeping Ganesh statue at home is considered one of the ideal ways to keep bring prosperity and happiness.

If you are seeking Ganesh blessings and want to buy Ganesh statue for home, then there are certain rules and things you must be well aware of before keeping the idol at your home:

1. Meaning of Keeping Ganesh

Before jumping the ship, you must at first know about what value Ganesh brings to your home and life. Ganesh is the god of happiness, joy and success and is worshipped before starting any new endeavour and is believed to remove the obstacles so as to bring wealth and opulence for any new beginning in your life.

2. Vastu Based Placing of Ganesh Statue

According to the Vastu (Ayurveda based architectural science), if you want to get complete blessings of Ganesh, then are certain places to put the statue. Ideally, the meditation spot is a good place. Direction wise, northeast corner of the house is the best place to keep Ganesh idol. Make sure you place the statue in a way that the back faces the outside of your home.

3. Sitting Ganesh

If you want calm and positive energy in your home, then buying a sitting Ganesh statue could be the ideal option for you as it represents an unwavering demeanour.

4. Standing Ganesh

If you run your office from your office or have a profession related corner in your home, then buying and keeping a standing Ganesh statue is best for that place as it promotes enthusiasm and energy.

5. Trunk Position

The best trunk position is tilting towards his left hand symbolising happiness and success. The trunk tilted towards the right means the sun’s power and can prove negative if you do not adhere to the rituals in a strict way.

Adding a mouse and modak (an Indian sweet) will certainly add to your purpose as it completes the auspiciousness of the Ganesh statue. Following these specifics along with learning a bit about the ritual will help you bring Ganesh statue for home and keep it for maximum benefits and positive, prosperous and success energy.

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