Tibetan  Prayer Flag

Tibetan  Prayer Flag

Auspicious ‘Om Mane Padme Hum’ mantra engraved colourful, rectangular shaped pieces of cloth are Tibetan prayer flag. There are two types of prayer flag, i.e., lungta and darchor.


A combination of five different coloured rectangular shaped cloth pieces are used to make the lungta flag; also called ‘wind horse’ and hanged on a line. However, the darchor flags are made by using one sizeable rectangular cloth that is hung up on a pole.


The inscribed mantra and the different colour cloth have a different symbol and meaning, which makes the Tibetan flag more auspicious and spiritual. Five different colours, i.e., green, red, white, yellow, and blue, are used to make the hanging prayer flag. They mean water, fire or sun, air, earth or land, and sky respectively.


The first word, ‘Om’, is a sacred syllable of Hinduism, and ‘Mani’ means “jewel” or “bead”. The word ‘Padme’ means “lotus”, which is the holy flower of Buddhist, and ‘Hum’ symbolizes the spirit of enlightenment. The whole interpretation of the mantra is “Admire to the Jewel in Lotus.” Prayer flags are of great importance in the Buddhist (Tibetan) culture.


Lungta prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. Many believe that the Buddhist prayer flags carry mainly the blessings depicted on the banners to all beings via the wind to get them answered. The mantra inscribed in authentic prayer flag purifies and sanctifies the air when the wind flows over the holy banner.


That’s why the Himalayan prayer flags are not just some fancy accessory; these are the most auspicious flags with spiritual meaning.


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At last, take a look at this short video about the prayer flag to know more and clearly.



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